An Abyss Was Mirrored Back

Keep ever so quiet now.

There’s a thought bubbling towards the surface.

Hear it float on the whim of soundless yelling voices.

Keep them ever so quiet now.

The path is wrought with vines.

Collapsed bones manifest in the undergrowth.

A stray dream chases me to the weeds,

forming a home in dirt with soil my warm blanket.

Inhale, relax, let the tender touch soothe,

lest the screen be pulled away and the ruse revealed.

Several fathoms below and still more to come

until there can’t be a ladder tall enough to rise.

These clouding fears are crowding up and diving down,

reversing motion, burrowing deeper now,

searching for a route to overcome,

falling fathoms below and still more to come

until there can’t be a hope great enough to believe.

Content to be without a match to strike,

I may sit here and tally the days away in shadows and silence,

Restlessly tied to the traces that remain

of any desire to grasp for a rung.

Their desperate hands stretch through sinew,

marking their claws and sharpening their teeth,

making skin a cave painting of past mistakes.

Hear them call—climb higher, bring rope,

climb further, be greater.

Subdue, diagnosis, keep them ever so quiet.

See the last rays to peak over the edge.

Convince the eye it’s a trick of the mind.

( ❤ Mitch)

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