Reflecting on April: A Month of Frustration

We’ve now officially crossed into the fifth month of the year. It’s pretty wild just how quickly time has passed, and it’s a phenomenon that has brought me to reviewing my progress as of late. The previous time I did so, I had experienced incredible growth during the month of March. It was a sharp increase that immediately set my hopes high for the future, which seems to have been a very naïve sensation in hindsight. April was not a poor month per se, but it paled in comparison to the heights I achieved in the prior period, leaving me with a lot of questions and uncertainties. What exactly happened between then and now? Where do I go from here? Am I not doing enough?

The numbers just weren’t the same in terms of views, likes, and followers gained. This led to a frustrating series of days where my posts, ordinarily obtaining decent enough attention, were suddenly receiving less than half of typical data. The Ko Fi account, now nearly a month old, has similarly been a complete bust, with rarely any activity recorded on the page. It may not have been an entirely terrible month, but I could clearly observe a trend where I was slowly losing the traffic I once had. This was possibly most jarring when, upon review, one of the most viewed posts from this period was one where I discussed upcoming changes, the Ko Fi account chief among them. Yet, despite that apparent viewership, no one from that post seemed to have visited the page.

Where to go from here? I’m honestly not sure. This very well could be an unexplained down month that could subside in May. However, it rekindled a lot of doubts in me, especially when each preceding month had demonstrated a steady upward trend. I seem to have regressed without realizing why, if there IS a why to begin with. I had expected things to pan out differently, but that is clearly not the case. It puts me in a situation where I need to either adapt or really reconsider this website exercise; if I stall out, it may not be worth trying to continue it. Of course, the issue here is I’m not sure what exactly to adapt to, since I don’t comprehend what happened here.

For those that are still visiting, reading, and liking my posts, I greatly appreciate it and I value your support, feedback, and presence. This has just been a very saddening experience this past month. I’m gonna keep at it though, and hopefully things change up in the future.

Thank you,

❤ Mitch


  1. The struggle is real. It bothers me that a good portion of my subscribers are bots. It’s hard getting genuine engagement from real people and building a platform organically. I wish I had a good tip to offer, but if you find one let me know.

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    1. merzkehd says:

      Yeah, bots and subscriber apathy are rough. A lot of actual people follow but don’t actually follow. It’s a tough space to navigate for sure.

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  2. We have around the same number of followers, I have been posting for about two years and I have had to take a (deepdive:) a few times when I thought I had posted a really good piece and the readership was not what I would have liked. I have had to shake my head a few times and ask myself why I am posting on a blog to begin with?
    If I read back over my pieces I see my journey to now in not only what I have written but also the quotes from others I have used to get my point across.
    There are tricks to getting more followers but is that what I really want? I came to the conclusion that like a pebble thrown into a pond the words will ripple out and if those words touch one person, one other soul and it either touches them for a moment or is a pointing all I can do is continue on my own path…..which by the way seems to have less and less travellers on it:) the ones I do come across have much more interesting things to say than on the more travelled paths. The number of followers or hits does not affect me like it once did but it is an addictive thing for sure, I try with everything I “publish” to edit it once for grammar and then again for ego, I find the second editing much more educational about who I am than the lessons I am learning on this interesting path we are all traversing.

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    1. merzkehd says:

      Very well said. I’m aware there’s more to it than numbers, for sure, but sometimes the lack of numbers hurts sometimes, especially when it’s impossible to explain why.


      1. Two things that I have noticed change the numbers are the time of day I have posted and the Categories and tags….sometimes less is more. You probably know that from playing around.
        I really enjoy your writing….


  3. Hey I have experienced the same thing a number of times, especially in the past year. People are simply too busy sometimes. WordPress I think overall has gone down, way down sometimes. Why? People are on their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok accounts. There is more competition for their time. And this past year what is the number one thing we all did besides shop/buy online? Streaming, one heck of a lot of streaming. So WordPress has become more difficult. That’s just my opinion though.

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  4. Anand Bose says:

    Dear Mitch Worden Well brought out narrative.

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