For the Next Trick…

After the rest,

when the “all else” already fails

as has been proven before,

there’s only a greater fathom still unfathomed,

the depth an augmentation of a lack of reflection

for having never been invited to respective homes.

And in rest,

when the drinks are emptied out

and the masks recede for the night,

we’ve yet to reckon with what caused smashed plates,

the metaphorical we hurled into the physical

while coming undone in plain view.


  1. Can u explain what this poem means?


    1. merzkehd says:

      I usually like to leave my meanings up to interpretation, as I feel like my meaning might take away from what someone else may feel. But if you would like, I’m more than happy to explain my intent 🙂


      1. Your intent would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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      2. merzkehd says:

        The purpose of the poem, for me, is to depict an unhealthy relationship teetering on the edge. In the first stanza, it’s established that “all else” has failed, and it always fails, suggesting that whatever is going on is never remedied. Then there is the added allusion to vampires; the “greater fathom” that the relationship falls down into demonstrates how the couple has no reflection, as vampires don’t either, and they need to be invited to enter a house. This suggests that the relationship is not only crumbling, but the two are incompatible/the relationship was more accidental than intentional.

        The second stanza describes what happens typically in the relationship; they don masks and put on good faces, but even then, it starts to fall apart “in plain view.” Thus, everyone is starting to know that the drinking and the masks have yet to help, that they’re fake, and the relationship hasn’t discussed any of their issues (i.e. the “smashed plates”).

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  2. I love the second stanza (and the general build up — it is a relationship headed for ineviable disaster). The line “the metaphorical we hurled into the physical” is visceral to — perfect image, I think, for those endless escalations that we know so well are dysfunctional, but which are also seemingly impossible to stop once they are in motion. Great poem, I enjoyed the read a lot!

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