Smile Wide! We’re All OK!

A price to be put on a life.

Forms shudder at the question plastered on screens

made obvious by a construction society.

From the womb, we come armed,

tongues bared as rifles to evaporate opposites,

mouths primed to be wrecking balls upon poor infrastructure.

Good soldiers tear down the fellow man,

but I was preoccupied with the value behind posturing;

the realm where disguise’s veil cannot cover,

and underneath is an unraveling of being.

I wanted to know identity when the television screen was quieted.

I wanted to witness how heroes came to life,

and how Earhart less a person and more a crash,

where the presence is trivial but the downfall is eternal.

I progress without direction,

possessing a name never spoken,

exiled to ending outside of the margins

where recollection fails to crystallize.

Tragedy is traded as commodity,

seen as a failure of construction society,

but beyond trusting nods and anecdotes,

the product is as intended.

Glory be to those that stumbled upon an expiration date.

Praise be unto our departed,

omniscient overlords of all questions.

Call it criminal to abide yet the clues are burned into normalcy.

The living are a disposable breed.

The living are a disposable breed.

It matters not when one roams and can be met.

Irrelevancy graces all that uncover the emptiness tucked under disguises.

A common heart is an invention of gilded philosophy.

The fellow man is a resource, not a breathing human.

Sold for gratification,

Leeched off for validation,

Abandoned as a husk:


It matters not when a heart functions.

The past are cherished well after their passing.

Try to rip gears out of structures but hands become phantoms.

I am insignificance until storied as a loss,

and only then is a price revealed.

( ❤ Mitch)


  1. Numisha says:

    Amazingly written. I’ve thought about this concept many times and even heard and experienced it in different ways but it was really nice to look at it through your lines.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. merzkehd says:

      Thank you! ❤


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