The Economics of Sand Castle Real-estate

It seems dire at first glance:

A collection of limbs made of disparate grains

sat with resignation by a shore’s invasion march,

awaiting though never pursuing a future collapse;

a temporary life.

Chipped from stone to be less than its whole,

stumbling over the bare minimum of atoms,

falling into those with scattered pieces,

and the castle that emerges rarely equals the parts;

an inelegant time.

Put stock into sand.

Is it shocking when it crumbles?

Placed trust in rusted bones.

Is it shocking when they halt?

In the freeze of oxidation coughed up from a manakin’s breath,

is it shocking to find love is as cold as was predicted?

Reflections on the lake of consciousness.

The beaches are wiped of debris,

fabric of being drifting to newfound shores

where Locke proclaims a victory.

A temporary life.

A graceful arm intertwined in a crippled companion

comes as the wistful touch of a ghost;

merely a whisper against skin,

tingling the hairs as a surge of receding light

where a spirit was buoyed by its appointed lighthouse.

It bleeds into vision clear enough to regret,

yet obscured to where it cannot be trusted.

The question of hindsight needs no and has no answer.

An inelegant time.

Remembered only in creeping phases,

the faces seen and encountered in voice.

Temporary lies in a temporary life.

New shores beckon.

The victory is short-lived.

( ❤ Mitch)


  1. Madame Hellshadow and friends says:


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  2. Madame Hellshadow and friends says:

    Amazing poem. You convey just cryptic imagery.


    1. merzkehd says:

      Thank you! ❤


  3. nickreeves says:

    Some lovely stuff here, Mitch.
    It’s about – among other things, buried – impermanence, as far as I can see?
    And it made me look up Locke! Which lead me to ‘problems with accumulation’ which ties nicely, so thanks.
    Anyway, cool.

    (ps. Seeing ‘look’ and ‘Locke’ there reminded me of a friend of mine whose partner got a tattoo – it was a quote or more like a football team’s chant – Never Look Back – I don’t know. It was all scrolled font and, you know, classy… However, the tattooist screwed up and it turned out as Never Loock Back! Which is something, sadly, permanent and maybe the over accumulation of letters would make Locke tut!)

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    1. merzkehd says:

      Thank you for such strong insight! I greatly appreciate you taking you time to look into it ❤


  4. Very nice. You did amazing work. Thank you for sharing this.

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