If unearthed,

examination is pedestrian.

The same words will adorn the same pages.

The dilemmas so small stacked ten feet tall

until an army of walls assembled about the frail.

Leap heavenwards and the blocks add to their ranks.

Immerse in static until noise and motion cease

where all ends and the beginning is but fable.

There’s no dare in staring danger in its teeth

knowing the fate inscribed by the fangs,

discarding remedies stubbornly,

shaking heads at weary faces,

pushing away candy and confidence for fear of reversal.

When calculated as a loss,

the numbers fall in favor.

Cold math may seal the door.

There’s no room for consideration in truth.

Passing dates are bare minimum steps,

a trudge past calendar years of unyielding fears

and a desire to place scarred bones in the review mirror.

Images are always closer than what the mind believes.

The dirty coping comes knocking on rhythmic beats.

Everything is gained in the success of surrender.

The dirty coping mechanism rears its head.

All else lost is won in the success of surrender.

Flee now,

flee fast,

but only so much space is allowed within suffocating walls.

No step ever reaches far.

The result is inevitable.

( ❤ Mitch)

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