From the Shallows to the Deep

Down by the river near the eroding bank,

I watch particles float further out of sight.

Grains that serve as foundation decay as rehearsed,

accepted as the inevitable course from the cradle’s start.

As we live, flying forward,

there is less of us to know

and more of us to try and hold inside,

witnessing the abdication of our atomic selves.

As we live, enduring ruin,

there is less to expect

and more to try to remember in time,

falling inward against our graying, fading grains.

In the passage that is left in uncharted views,

the entrance is only where it is chosen to be.

Away in an undertow as cascading thoughts undo,

a body frays at the edges, unraveling, unnoticed.

( ❤ Mitch)

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