The Bastardization of Theory

Draw it up exactly as was told.

Traverse from A to B in rehearsed tones,

bounding up and down familiar phrases

where the destination is cemented in expectation.

The notes hold a smile to purchase,

no different than the neighbor’s song

and the neighbors of their own and the neighbors of past.

Lay it all bare on global waves

while strolling down the path most traveled.

The grass can only get so high until the jungle becomes the home:

The cutthroat utopia where all is predetermined,

the predator is king,

his legions are the apex,

and the space beyond is uncharted desert.

Read it in discarded expressions.

Drink it in from secondhand inspiration.

A cardboard cutout cell comes courtesy of constructed fantasies,

penned up behind idyllic white lines across the lawn.

Never stray from the flock.

Repeat all the right words,

their veracity assured by the carnivore czars,

teeth shining in plastic grins.

Repeat all the right words.

One size sentence fits all.

Step on halfheartedly without a personal dream to adhere to.

Step on or choke on the questions that lurk under the throat,

threatening to boil over the tongue for the grievances never spoken,

yet ever growing in their strength,

feasting on the confusion of a waste laden road

where rank and file, all are sorted and promptly escorted

into the great known.

Drop the pen.

Let it recede into polluted imaginations

where currency is in control.

Snap off a branch from the jungle

and carve an arching route away from skyscraper skies.

No protections await.

No guards to strap one inside the box.

No rails to grip onto.

Only an unknown that beckons,

ever so tantalizing,

where the uncertain end is more alive than the concrete,

and the notes are improvised.

Accept the fear of failure but do not shiver.

From loss and setback comes strength to survive.

In the exterior of fabricated freedoms,

the creator is king.

Accept the crown.

( ❤ Mitch)

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