Push Back the Dominoes

You want to know the end before the story starts.

If all flesh and bone make a cover for the eyes,

play judge for me and reign over our mutual trajectory.

Find a purpose in these gestures if there’s a meaning to be found.

It’s a lifetime to be spent digging into an empty vault.

Rip away the years and still nothing will be there to fill the chamber.

Here are the hundreds of reasons against exhaling left untamed on torn sheets.

I started the first line with you in mind and for the rest I followed in kind.

There’s a vacancy occupied in each stabbing reminder,

and the pen flies across the pages to capture the look you gave.

These words fill a hundred pictures, shot in perfect sequence,

letters dressed in their perfect tops and ties,

never failing to grasp the lasting impression of becoming a disappointment in that glance.

Here are the blanks you colored in without ever needing a voice.

Looking now, as was then, I never realized how it appeared from the outside:

A sculpture carved in fragile ice melting in its self-appointed sun.

Pedestals spring from the earth; it’s hard to figure how they reach so high,

and why the figures placed upon can so freely press their fingers down upon my frame.

Such a scattered collection of thoughts was received amongst questions kept silent,

all responsibility internalized to embody the sole liability.

This shadow cast by your towering shape is no longer mine to hide in.

Ruins defy disappearance when coded into conscious,

but I’m stepping through every chapter to erase the name inside.

It has been time and still further time to come where barely a flicker remains

of a star that once burned so bright overhead.

Yet what was called connection and given purpose, given feeling,

had nothing more but an excuse attached to leech and prosper in spite of others.

Held so high over me, I leave you powerless.

Reignited without, I find no more of this.

I said too much of it and I say no more of it.

I said too much of it and I say no more of it.

( ❤ Mitch)

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