Well, if We Don’t Go Anywhere, We’ll Still Be Here

Calm your nerves—this can last for all night.

No destination.

Gliding through locations.

We travel on the power of our troubles,

put together and wrapped under this comfortable familiarity,

distracting from memory

of when one hand was wrapped in the other.

A dance of love flashed in the eyes,

and the curtain fell down some years ago.

Speak not of any of it now.

Just travel.

Burn any map.

With the flick of the wheel we’ll outrun every problem

clouding up our weary heads.

Quiet the worries.

In no time we drift as only atoms,

colliding in the vast space between,

calculating the weight of all things.

Never touch the brakes or fall asleep.

If we blink, we will smash through the windshield of our insecurities.

In a flash we crash inside the sky,

where constellations caress the night,

gently embracing.

Should their courage and their strength descend in our lives,

the blood from the mess will amount to something more than tears.

Whether I believe this or not is irrelevant.

What matters is that we share the same bed.

Drive faster—the morning is calling.

Don’t leave.

Don’t depart.

Should you hit reverse this moment will end,

becoming nothing more than a film reel in the story of existence.

Right now, I just want to live here.

This dream can be shared,

if we only just sit and listen.

Listen to the hum of the engine.

Hear the crickets quietly singing.

And above all else,

tell the reasons why to be alive.

This dream can be shared.

( ❤ Mitch)

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