Have You Finished Those Errands?

Dazed and confused,

taken away by waves of water cascading down below eyelids.

Hours feel like they were hours ago and I’m convinced it’s already next week.

Just yesterday I promised there’d be no next time.

Blink and wake to a new reality and I’m making the same mistakes,

dressed in my promises but speaking completely wrong.

Let’s get out tonight so I can lose my mind.

Let’s find a way out tonight so I can lose my fucking head,

let the stars in and comfort my worries.

Trying to find ways to forget about you is harder than they said.

I want to give you credit for disappearing so well.

The water continues;

it’s hard to tell where the rain begins and where my emotions are bare.

Call off today—take me out tomorrow,

lead me by the hand to a circle of strangers with their own next-times.

I’ll tell you how it went but with the truth removed,

filling your conscious with the assurance that my eyes won’t stay closed.

Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat:

Day 35 and I’m still dragging my feet.

Come Day 40 I’ll be back in the circle,

and by Day 50 the stars will stop helping.

Within this, without you, progress stays true to a straight line,

watching my friends jump in and on and in front of trains:

Lives filled with arrivals and departures set in cubistic motion and time tables.

Left searching with nothing but Murphy to judge by,

I’m consigned to believe abandonment is just payment.

Here’s an apology to the ones that stayed at the station:

You didn’t get what you wanted.

You got more than you paid for.

And when all else is factored, you didn’t reap a profit.

You reaped what you didn’t sow.

But how could you have known?

How would you tell until you knew me too well?

Pick me back up when I fall down on the dance floor or let me melt into the cracks.

I’ll spend time in the ground.

Rest easy for a while.

Don’t wake me.

Don’t wake me up.

I’ll leave a note on the stars.

I’ll be back once in a while.

( ❤ Mitch)

(and thank all of you who have followed recently! I’m so grateful to have you all along for the ride 😀 )

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