Visual Replays Now in Stereo Format

Working another graveyard shift with your emotions.

You’re hiding behind your mechanical smile and not giving anything away.

Geometrically, you are symmetrically in line horizontal and vertical,

though if you give me the time, I’ll find your cracks.

I don’t ask for your money or any of your rewards,

but if I make it through, I hope you can recognize me.

Turn your eyes and see me for the first time.

Scars are opening like a waterfall.

I guess I messed up somehow.

I’m shouting “Once more, again,” and I’m lying on the same damn floor.

I took a chance at stealing your face,

lost the race to another man.

Now I am falling back to old habits,

like all those old friends that threw me out the window.

“Once more, again.”

If I was born with the strength, I would’ve asked for you to change.

I would have tried to change the course.

I would have tried to say my words,

But I choked on them instead.

Felt them jam inside my throat

And punish me for speaking.

Please don’t ever look my way again.

I’m surrendering to industry—all hail progress to namelessness.

You’re just another somebody I’ll never be able to hold.


(<3 Mitch)


  1. BlushfulHippocrene says:

    Like this one a lot. “I’m surrendering to industry—all hail progress to namelessness” in particular is a great line. These would make very good lyrics I reckon.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. merzkehd says:

    Thank you! I like to write will envisioning a song in my head so I’m glad that feel comes across 🙂


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