Having a Domestic with an Inanimate Object

“Having a Domestic with an Inanimate Object”

It left hidden in the full moon’s glow,

driving into the open and out of my sight,

and I was all alone,

and I felt so damn lost and stranded.

Whenever you called, I was never far away,

purging my reserve just to preserve you day by day.

In your every photograph there was only error—each reflection broken,

but in those images I saw something greater.

I gave you shoulders to stand on,

a roof above your head.

I gave you the confidence to stand up,

and your mouth the right words to speak.

I gave my every word to stay by you

and opened up my heart,

and you gave me a door and a shove

and made me taste the pavement.

You’ll be looking out your rearview mirror for the rest of your life,

seeing those reflections of a self you cut with a knife.

I never knew I’d been betrayed until you shut the door and walked away,

made dreams return to being dreams and memories gain a sour taste.

Stop lingering on this ground: it speaks too much about what was.

This isn’t your home anymore.

There’s no time to waste.

You’ve got a brand-new face that every boy on every corner knows.

I’ll pass by you, used up and alone, as you come undone.


(<3 Mitch)


  1. BlushfulHippocrene says:

    Very nice. Would love to see you play around with form a bit more: e.g. thought those stanza breaks were something more than just stanza breaks at first, lol. Love how sincere this is, but, chucking you a follow for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. merzkehd says:

      Thank you! I’ve always wanted to do a bit more with form and have done some experimenting a bit of that. I’ll keep more of that in mind for the future, thanks for reading!


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